Roasting Marshmallows, Making Cards, Enjoying Family

I had a fabulous weekend.  Even though I love my part-time job, I always feel a huge weight lift when I walk out of the classroom on a Friday afternoon.  This past Friday was even better because I knew that we were headed to the annual church Hot Dog Roast.  Now, I dislike hot dogs (My husband teases me for putting every topping on to hide the taste.), but I am all about the camp fire, the guitar music, the voices of kids playing, and the messy fun of making S’mores. 


My boys had a wonderful time.  Our little one clapped and danced to the music, and his big brother was fascinated by the fire, keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes.  Feeling wonderfully mellow with the sounds of old hymns and camp soungs, we headed home as the fire was fading.

On Saturday my mom and I sttended a card-making workshop.  We both enjoy scrapbooking, so this was a nice extension of that activity.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but the day was a fun, relaxing, and even surprising one.  I love paper crafts of all kinds, but I was especially drawn to the idea of giving cards as a kind of outreach to people who need a friendly hello, a pick-me-up, a reminder that they are loved, thought of fondly, and covered in prayer. 

birthday cards

I loved playing with so many colors and textures.  From magenta embossed card stock to raffia to colored pencils, I was in heaven.  It reminded me of my elementary days when the kid in the next desk yelled at me for humming under my breath while I cut construction paper leaves or glued cotton balls on the Easter Bunny’s bottom.  I did sing on Saturday, but nobody yelled at me.

friend card2

3 thoughts on “Roasting Marshmallows, Making Cards, Enjoying Family

  1. kathy

    Beautiful cards. I wish I had your talent. I still have the beautiful photo album you made me for my birthday last year….I treasure it and take it out often and the boys and I look at it. Thanks for including many special memories from all the gazillions of pics I send LOL. I love your artestry ….

    Love ya sis,.

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