Little Boys Grow Up

Last night I had nice conversation with my best girlfriend about motherhood.  She is the new mommy of a gorgeous baby boy.  We were lamenting how quickly it all goes by, how our hearts sometimes ache for the quickly slipping days to halt their dizzying  progress. 

Little Fisherman

Something about turning four has made my firstborn into a little man.  I look at this picture, and I want to engrave it upon my memory.  He spends so much of his day in constant motion.  He is always running, jumping, learning, exploring, singing, questioning, and growing.  I want to be able to see him in this quiet moment forever.

7 thoughts on “Little Boys Grow Up

  1. kathy

    I love this pic of my nephew….He looks like he is so concentrating on the river….We are lucky to have him in our lives…his cousins always asks about him..And I know what you mean..I want to keep my 2 little forever…It all passes by too fast………….

  2. soak it in. my 4 year old just became a 5 year old and started kindergarten. no more baby. it has really sunk in recently during visits with friends who have slightly younger kids. the friends had expectations of my daughter, not fully realizing…5 isn’t all grown up yet, either.

  3. Babs Hileman

    Erica, this is so nice. I wish that I could write like you do. I’m to old to learn now. I would love to read more of your writing.

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