Sick Days

I have a sick little boy.  Poor guy.  It started with a bit of a stuffy nose, a little touch of a headache, but now we’ve got a full blown…um…cold?  Not sure how it’s going to play out.  We’re watching him closely and keeping the grape Tylenol nearby.  I’m not big on medicines at all, but the difference between a little man with a fever and a little man on the purple stuff is remarkable. 

So tomorrow is going to be a cozy, stay-at-home day.  We’ve got the Lite Brite, and I’m ready for a Candyland marathon.  Of course, the little brother prefers to cut teeth on the game pieces.  I guess he can’t resist Grandma Nut and the gang.


What do you do on a sick day?  Better yet, what did you do when you were a kid?

One thought on “Sick Days

  1. Amy

    Sorry to hear the little guy is sick. I hope it doesn’t get worse. Sick days with Cole means Mommy transforms the couch into a “bed” covered with favorite cozy blankets and pillows and followed by SpongeBob or Scooby Doo marathons – while sipping ginger ale.

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