A Wool Cap

Fall has taken a surprisingly cool turn.  Snow has appeared in the forecast and on morning door steps.  The proverbial frost on the pumpkin is quite real.  Makes me want to sit down with a cup of Earl Grey and You’ve Got Mail.  Unfortunately, instead of delving into the yummy, cozy rituals of a cold (and rainy) autumn, I’ve been doing a lot of nose wiping and other related activities.  Hmm…now that I think about it, these are the rituals of autumn and the months ahead.  At least for a mommy. 

But despite the tiredness that comes with broken sleep for several nights coupled with the worrying that inevitably comes at the time of a little one’s illness, I’ve been quite productive in my knitting.   Two weeks ago, I completed a small blanket for my new godson.  That project took five months!  While I loved the yarn (good quality washable wool in Caribbean Blue and white) and was fond of the pattern, I confess that the slow progress made me lose my zeal for the project part way through.  In the weeks before the baptism, however, I found myself falling in love with that dear blanket again.   I loved how it felt between my fingers, and I loved imagining the baby wrapped in it or resting on it while his mama tickled his toes or read him a story.  Many prayers and warm thoughts went into that blanket.

As I finished the blanket, my four-year-old asked if he could have a hat.  He had never asked me to knit him something before, and while I often look at wonderful patterns for fun little boy garments, all my knitting seems to be gifts for others.  Neither of my boys has any finished items made by me.  (Although they are fortunate to have a number of beautiful pieces knit and crocheted by people whom we love and who love us.)  So the baby blanket was delivered to its wee owner on a Saturday; on Monday I made a trip to my favorite local yarn shop.  I stole thirty minutes of bliss—stroking skeins, browsing hat patterns, comparing needles.  I confess that the shopping and the planning are as exciting (if not more) as the actual knitting and completing of a project. 

orange cap

To match his new fall jacket, I chose a muted orange wool and an accent color called “Ash.”  And now I’m knitting, knitting, knitting.  I’m snatching every little moment that I can.  I want this wool cap to be upon my little guy’s head when he goes to the farm on Wednesday for his class field trip (assuming his health improves).  And while I would never wish a cold on any child, a stuffy, feverish little boy needs an early bedtime, and therefore, mama gets to knit!

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