A wool cap update…and more pumpkins

(The following post was supposed to be up Wednesday evening.  Oops!)

I set a goal…orange hat completed in time for the pumpkin patch field trip.  Well, I didn’t quite get there.  Unfortunately, I’m grading a mountain of 4 to 6 page essays this week so knitting time as been scarce.  Fortunately, a turn in the weather produced a 65 degree morning with an ultimate high over 70.  No wool cap needed.

The field trip was a rousing success.  The army of four year olds and many of their parents approached the farm with enthusiasm for the great hunt and a spark of that unmistakeable charm that occurs when you bring together pumpkins, crisp air, and fresh apple cider.  The day was beautiful–especially appreciated after the uncomfortable douse of wet weather last week. 

 pumpkin collection

Sad confession:  I only know of the beauty and the charm because Daddy took the camera along.  I, on the other hand, continued to comment upon the aforementioned college essays in our attic/office.  Yes, I had to forgo the smells of cinnamon and earth and all the autumn splendor of the day.  But don’t feel too sorry for me.  I take great joy in knowing that my little son could share the fun with his Dad.  Not many kids can have their fathers along for a weekday adventure.  We are so blessed to live the life we lead.

 So I leave you with this photograph to summarize the day.  My hubby got to put aside Melville for an afternoon among the pumpkins (the gourds and the ever-so-sweet preschool kind), and the cap has seen significant progress but no outdoor time as of yet.

 hat still life

(Note: this pumpkin, though small, was chosen to come live with us because it had a “crook.”  Good choice.)

4 thoughts on “A wool cap update…and more pumpkins

  1. Lindsey :)


    It’s funny, as I was reading a few posts ago about the wool hat goal I was thinking “She didn’t make it! He wore a baseball cap at the farm!”. Then I got to this post and saw that you updated us about your progress, haha! We missed you on the trip, but had a lovely time, and it sounds like Daddy and the cute boy did too!

  2. kathy

    That is the most perfect pumpkin! Love the hat. I look foward to G. going on a trip with H. for preschool maybe this year. Love the smell of pumpkins and pumpkin pie.

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