An Autumn Walk

I long for the time when I can finally return to living in the country. I daydream about a big backyard that naturally blends into the surrounding forest.  I think about apples trees and a pumpkin patch of my own.  I wish for bird feeders and maybe a trout stream.  But this week, my boys and I discovered some urban beauty.  We enjoyed a sunny autumn walk in the city.  I have to admit that it was gorgeous.


We walk these streets several times each week, but this time we explored with an eye toward discovering Autumn’s blessings.


There was much to find.  The sky couldn’t have been any bluer, the leaves any brighter.





3 thoughts on “An Autumn Walk

  1. Judy

    I was feeling a little down this AM and thought I would check your site, how beautiful are those pictures and your writings, you have just “perked” up my day!

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