November Nuptials and A Knit Cap

On Saturday we joyfully witnessed the vows of my husband’s youngest brother and his long-time love!  The ceremony was simple and lovely.  The bride’s teenage daughters were her beautiful Maids-of-Honor, and her son served as Best Man.  The sight of the newly formed family together at the front of the church promised that my eyes weren’t dry!  Little hints of autumn set a beautiful color scheme and a warm atmosphere.  The bridesmaids wore chocolate brown gowns, and the silver accents all around added a bit of magic to everything.  The flowers incorporated white, yellow, and an orange that was so orange I could almost taste it!  Gorgeous.


I love weddings.  I love the Holiness of the promises made.  I love the romance, the food, the care that goes into every decision.  But even if they had stripped away all of the special details, this would have been an uncommonly special wedding.  My new sister-in-law and her kids have been as good as family for nearly as long as my husband and I have been married (more than eight years).  We love all four of them, and we are delighted to make them “official.”

Wedding Cake

And guess what!  A certain orange cap is finished.  Whoopee!  Although the top didn’t turn out as I had envisioned it, my little man looks quite handsome in his first mommy-made accessory.  I’m still totally in love with the yarn—the color and quality.  This was the first time that I used a circular needle for a hat, and I enjoyed the process very much.  My knitting was unusually even and smooth.   Maybe it was the yarn or the needle, or maybe I’m actually improving.

Finished Orange Cap1

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