A final look at Thanksgiving and my first Christmas craft

Mom's adorable turkey cookies were a big hit,
...and the pies were delicious as usual!
I love getting ready for Christmas, and this year, I decided to change my livingroom mantel (I actually had to look up "mantel" in the dictionary to know how to spell it. It looks weird, but it's right!) this year. I've been using the same greenery, pinecones, and white lights for several Christmases, but for some reason, I'm really craving sparkly things this year. I loved the bejeweled trees at Target, but I just couldn't justify the cost. Instead, I picked up two foam cones at the craft store and a big ol' container of glitter.
A car key made the perfect handle for my "tree" as I sprinkled glitter over an old cookie sheet.


And the finished product was better than I had hoped. The glitter picked up the light of the candles so beautifully. This could not have been easier!

4 thoughts on “A final look at Thanksgiving and my first Christmas craft

  1. Alice

    Erica Your blog enchants me. And..I am so glad that our SSBible verse has found its way into everyday conversation. Also..Joseph was absolutley …absolutely. I praise God for you and your family!!

    1. Thank you!!! I’m so happy that you’re read along about our family’s adventures. We have been incredibly blessed by you and your work in the Sunday School. Each week we pick up something that can be carried on in our home.

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