A Time of Preparation

With two “college kids” in our family (by that I mean the hubby and myself), Christmas preparations usually don’t happen until after Finals Week ends, typically the week before Christmas.  We’re too busy writing papers, reading thick books that nobody has taken out of the library in decades, grading papers, and ultimately submitting grades for the college students under our care.  Therefore, except for Sunday church services, we basically miss Advent.  Well, this year, I decided things would be different.  I started Christmas prep in November (the music still didn’t come out until Thanksgiving evening).  I had an elaborate list of tasks and gifts.  I started early–and happily. 

We are less than a week away from the blessed day.  The lists are not complete, but Advent 2009 has been better than any in my married life.  We’ve made decorations.  We’ve kept up with the Sunday School’s Advent activity–more or less.  We’ve enjoyed time with friends and family.  We’ve gathered gifts for our loved ones in a slow, relaxed way that has allowed reflection and a sense of happy discovery when the right gift came along.  Most importantly, we’ve tried to keep our eyes on the manger. 

Today, we awoke to a wonderful blanket of snow.  And it hasn’t stopped snowing!  We spent a nice day together.  My guys went out to play in the winter wonderland.  I baked biscuits and tried a yummy vegetable-bean chowder recipe.  Perfect for a snow day.  I’m feeling cozy, relaxed, and oh so blessed.

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