Just days away…

Some people, Christians and non-believers alike, point to the pagan roots of the Christmas tree.  They dismiss it as yet another way that Christmas isn’t really about Christ.  But when I look at my beautiful Christmas tree, I see the light…the Light of the World brought to Earth as a little baby.  I see the evergreen branches, never fading just as God’s love never dies, never changes.  I see the magestic stature, reminding me of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I see the upper boughs pointing heavenward, making me thankful for a God who saw the short-coming of humankind.  Instead of giving up on us, turning his back on us, he reached down to a tiny blue planet and gently nestled a baby of unlikely parentage into the lowest of beds, a manger.  Among the animals’ feed rested a Savior who would feed the world with his love and his grace.

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