Easing into the new year

We had a nice quiet celebration of the new year, and we continued the fun on Saturday with a trip to the natural history and art museums.  Both little fellows had a grand time.  Dinosaurs were the biggest hit for our older son, but the art wasn’t lost on him.  As we were headed to our car, he asked, “Can I paint today?”  We stopped at the craft store on the way home for some new paints and brushes.  I can never resist a craft project…especially one that is initiated by a kiddo.

2 thoughts on “Easing into the new year

  1. Looks like fun. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog – lots of inspiration. Oh, and I am enjoying “Blogging for Bliss”, which was a Christmas gift from my inlaws.

    It was great to chat over Christmas tea. I’ll be checking in.

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