Knitting + Olympics = A Challenge!

I’m happy  to announce that I am now a Knitting Olympian.  My blog shall proudly wear the official emblem of the Knitting Olympics 2010.

The big event is hosted by one of my favorite blogs: Yarnharlot (see link to the right).  I’ll cast on during the Opening Ceremonies this very evening, and I pledge to finish by the time the torch goes dark.  Hmmm…can I do?  YES I CAN! (okay…maybe)

I was going to do a little vest for my toddler, but I decided that I would be setting myself up for failure.  After all, I do not intend to give my children away for the duration of the Winter Games, so I can’t take on too much.  My new selection is a surprise…just in case its future recipient reads my blog.  I’ll give a few hints along the way!

3 thoughts on “Knitting + Olympics = A Challenge!

  1. yeah! I love the winter olympics (and knitting)…was up waaaay to late last night watching men’s figure skating…I want to do more knitting…maybe I should start knitting during the olympics…I like your spirit!

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