Spring Break: Tuesday

Hooray!!  A clean bedroom.  I could sing!  I could dance!  When my preschooler came in the room after I had run the sweeper and removed the garbage bag this afternoon, he said, “Wow!  It’s pretty.”  That’s right, my boy!

The master bedroom is the most difficult room for me to keep clean.  I spend most of my cleaning time on the main living areas, and our bedroom is always last to receive care.  I want to change this pattern.  My husband and I deserve a tidy, pleasing room that can be a kind of peaceful refuge.  Our baby shares our room, and when we were preparing for his arrival in the summer of 2008, I chose soft greens, yellows, and cream shades for the curtains, bedding, and other decorations.  The effect is a clean, cozy look, but no color scheme can maintain the atmosphere that I desire when laundry takes over and clutter gets the best of me. 

I took the advice of Mindy Starns Clark (The House that Cleans Itself) and created a devotional corner–a place to spend time in the quiet and stillness, a place to speak to and listen for God.  I have my Bible, my journal, and some other books there.  A couple of pillows and a throw made by my Grandma make it a pretty spot.

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