Spring Break: Wednesday

Ah!  The weather.  After the snowiest February on record (not an exaggeration!), these mild days of early March are a welcome blessing.  Snow is still lining the streets and sidewalks, but two days in the low 60s will put an end to the dirty reminders of record snowfall soon.  We’ve walked.  We’ve taken the tricycle for a spin, and tonight, we’ll fire up the grill.

After picking up Big Brother at preschool, the boys and I drove to the library where we enjoyed our very first outdoor picnic of the year.  PB & J, cottage cheese, and bananas at a picnic table (the very table featured here) seemed like just the combination to welcome a season of picnics.  We loaded up on books and a few craft DVDs for me.  The library has a fun selection of books about spring, Easter, and even a few Irish folktales in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Now at home, the hubby and the kids are hanging out while I grade some papers. 


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