Spring Break: Saturday and Sunday

Spring Break comes to a close.  My primary goal was to clean the whole house.  I would call it a success.  Our attic still needs a lot of work.  We’re trying to make half of it an exercise area.  The other half is already a home office, but it is totally out of control.  But I’m not going to dwell on the negative!  Every bit of our living space is clean and happily organized (happily, not perfectly).  My in-laws visited yesterday, and my parents stopped by today.  I always feel wonderful after having people over.  I feel like I can really enjoy my home when it’s clean and full of the people I love.

As I sit here at my computer, I am noticing that at almost seven in the evening, the sky is still light–despite a few clouds.  Daylight Savings robs us of the lovely morning sunshine (our eastward facing bedroom positively glows in the a.m. sunlight), but I do appreciate the lengthening evenings.  I wonder what it will do to our nice little bedtime routine.  We’ll see.  We’ll go with the flow.  I have a feeling that everyone will call it an early night after being up late gabbing with Grandma and Papa!

 By the way, my husband’s parents were here because they are giving us their dining room table.  Whoo-hoo.  Good-bye to our $25 yard sale find!  Last night, Mom G. reupholstered the seats with a beautiful fabric that I had chosen.  It’s an almost army green with a wonderful sheen to it, and it is detailed with dark brown twiggy, leafy things.  I’ll take a picture later.  Then it will make more sense.  Anyway, it’s been a fun, highly productive Spring Break.

 Five Random Notes to End the Week:

 1. I’m a happier person when my house is clean.  I feel in control.  I can focus on the present.  Focus on the fun of two amazing little boys.

 2. I’m reading The Wizard of Oz.  I’m delighting in all the things that are familiar (because I’ve seen the movie a zillion times), but equally delightful are the surprising difference.  What fun!

 3. Friday was my monthly La Leche League meeting.  Every month I leave with a new commitment to being a better mother than I was the month before.  LLL has helped me grow so much, in so many ways.

 4. Mom & Dad arrived home from the state high school wrestling championships.  They brought home chocolate.  Oh yum.

 5. Yesterday, I stared at fabric for about 45 minutes, and I still haven’t chosen the material that I would like to use for my couch pillows.  I just don’t know what I want!


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