Getting Ready!

We are praising God for sun, blue skies, and chances to get dirty!  The last couple of days have been positively gorgeous.  Low to mid 60s, lots of sunshine.  After a swift but decidedly gloomy winter, spring is a very welcome visitor in our household.  Yesterday afternoon we all headed to our little backyard to do some digging and raking.  I had the job of collecting…well, um…”presents” from our Labrador.  You know what I mean.  To prevent any accidental messes, I devised little “booties” for our small boy made from plastic shopping bags.  I call that impromptu recycling!

My hubby transplanted the Sweetheart Cherry tree that he gave me a few anniversaries ago.  It was growing rather oddly to find more light, so we put it in the sunniest patch.  Not being experts, we are both praying for the poor little thing’s survival.  Anyone know about helping the transition?

We are giddy with the promise of longer days and warmer weather.  Tomorrow we’ll celebrate the official start to this pretty season, but the sweet posies in the yard are beginning the celebration already!

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