New Life

Tomorrow, we celebrate new life, and evidence of starting fresh is all around us.  We’re busily tidying up the house so that we can do some baking and crafting this afternoon.  We’re making plans for a special breakfast to start our Easter morning off right before heading to worship.  We’ve been noticing the daffodils popping up in our neighbors’ yards and all around the university where we work and study.  We’ve found lots of ways to talk about the story of Jesus and His resurrection, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of our traditions with you in upcoming posts.  This morning, our older son said, “On Easter, Jesus swims through the air to get back to God.”  What an image!

3 thoughts on “New Life

  1. I love when the daffodils pop up! I don’t have a yard where I live, so I bought some bulbs in a planter and am so enjoying the bursting of yellow brightness! Your son sounds very wise….

  2. Shelley

    Your pictures are so beautiful! You make me excited for Spring…although here in TN..we skipped spring and went right into Summer. Though I do like that too…but my favorite is Spring and Fall.

    Good job, Erica…I just love visiting your blog!

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