When I reclaimed this blog in September (after a long hiatus and a period of terrible blogging habits before that), I did not realize that I would grow so attached to the process of condensing my days into this wee space, reflecting upon the blessings and finding humor in the stumbles.  But…I have.  I couldn’t wait to share my Easter  happenings with you, my blog readers.  You are few, but I appreciate every comment, every hello.

We had a lovely Easter and a meaningful Lenten season as well.  I was more mindful of Lent’s presence this year.  I believe the positive change was due to the fact that I had to express the meaning of the season to an inquisitive four year old.  That task of translation was a helpful and healthy challenge.  How often do we hear that the best way to learn something is to teach it?

The Easter celebration was simple yet colorful.  A true celebration of life, gratitude, redemption, and mystery.  We colored eggs and made potato print cards on Saturday evening.  On Sunday morning we had hot crossed buns, sausage, grapes, and hot (decaf) tea before heading to Sunday School and church.  The worship service was beautiful, and I loved playing the bells along with the choir.

After church we spent time with my family.  In the evening, we made our way over to my husband’s side of the family.  Both houses were full of laughter, hugs, and too much good food!

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