It’s that kind of a weekend.

The kind I love!  We’re having a very “family” weekend.  Today we’re spending the day with my parents.  My husband and my dad are fishing all day.  They headed out at 7am.  My mom, the boys, and I are doing a mix of thing…visiting a consignment sale (fun!), going for a big walk, maybe visiting the library. 

Tomorrow, we’ll be going to church and the church’s ice cream social (a fundraiser for Relay for Life).  Then off we go to celebrate my mom-in-law’s birthday.  It will be a fun afternoon with lots of family and yummy summery food. 

As I head off to a wonderful day, I’ll leave you with some photos from my snazzy new camera.  I’ve been dreaming of a new camera for quite awhile, and my sweet, sweet hubby agreed (just in time for Mothers’ Day) that a camera would be a good investment for our family.  So I’m learning…

I’ll be toting along my new camera on today’s adventures, so I’ll be back soon to share the goings-on.

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