I love celebrations.

I love celebrations. Although we happily celebrated my husband’s graduation a few weeks ago, there was a little matter of a dissertation defense. (The committee members had difficulty finding a mutually agreeable date for the defense prior to the ceremony, so my hubby was permitted to participate in graduation exercises with his advisor’s complete approval.) Last Wednesday (one week ago), he passed beautifully! He even said that it was “a little bit fun.” The boys and I were scrambling in the morning to buy special things to make a fajita dinner (one of our family favorites), and we bought a tiny chocolate cake at the grocery story. So with very happy hearts and a store-bought cake, we enjoyed one of the most blissful and memorable occasions of our family’s journey.

Tomorrow we will celebrate a very special preschool graduation! A wonderful year of milestones, friendships, play, creation, paint, glue, and music.  A year of sharing, giggling, discovering, and loving.

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