A week by a mountain lake

                                                                      We spent the last week on vacation at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland.  What a beautiful place.  As I’ve mentioned on Warm As Pie several times, I am in love with the country.  I look forward to living in a place like Deep Creek some day (Although I don’t even allow myself to imagine a home like the one in which we stayed!).  Our week-long adventure in the mountains gave me a wonderful dose of nature.  I hope its simplicity and its life will stay with me all summer.  The sky, the trees, the water, the air–everything calls me to build a life surrounded by nature’s abundance and calm.

Nineteen of us rented a gorgeous lake-front house.  We were not roughing it!  But even though we slept in King-sized beds and cooked in a beautiful kitchen, we enjoyed the outdoors very much.  Our men made the most of the fishing opportunities, and many of us used the fishing boats just to see the lake.  My parents brought Mom’s cute little paddle boat.  That was fun!  We spent one day at the “beach” where we wadded and swam in the lake (brrr!).

I’ll be sharing pictures over the next few posts.  Enjoy a glimpse of our getaway.

One thought on “A week by a mountain lake

  1. Annemarie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Erica. It’s nice to read your blog . . . seems like we have a lot in common. Parenting children, Christians seeking simplicity, pursuing graduate degrees in English. How did you find me, by the way? Do we have a friend in common? I’ll be back . . . thanks for leaving me a comment so I could find you.

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