Summer Everywhere!

This week has really seemed like summer.  Upper eighties every day.  Humid.  Very humid.  Summer also mean summer reading, and we are happily digging into all of the books that our library has to offer.  Last year, I started a tradition for us (well, I hope it turns into a tradition.).  I plan to choose a theme or two for our reading each summer.  Last year, our themes were Letters (because our preschooler was just learning to identify them) and Nature.  This year, we are going to work on Colors for the little guy and Creation for both of my boys.  As for me, I’ve decided to return to the basics of knitting.  I feel like I allowed myself to zoom past the fundamentals without truly understanding some of the important basics of garment structure and stitches.  I know more about knitting than I can actually do

I’ve had this picture of a cabbage saved for several weeks.  I just love it.  That cabbage was a beauty!  But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with a picture of a cabbage, so here it is as a kick-off for our summer investigation of Creation.  Really…isn’t this cabbage a wonderful illustration God’s artistry?

2 thoughts on “Summer Everywhere!

  1. Annemarie

    What a great idea, to have a theme for summer reading. I’ll have to think that one over before we got to the library next time. (-:

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