What was that?!

Oh right…summer is just whizzing by.

Five reasons I love summer:

1. Sunshine makes everything better.

2. Nice weather coupled with fewer obligations equals time for exploration and discovery.

3. Zucchini bread made from garden zucchinis tastes like a little bit of heaven. Tomatoes…ahhh…

4. Pools, rivers, streams, warm rains. Water.

5. Dirty toes. Wet tousled hair. Lightening bugs. (Sorry…I know I just cheated.)

I do love summer, but to be honest, I’ve been sneaking peaks at the autumn decorations and fall crafty stuff at JoAnn’s. Yes, it’s true…

Five reasons I’m daydreaming about fall:

1. I hate air conditioning, but I kind of wish we had some. Enough Said.

2. Pumpkins. I love pumpkins. They’re friendly.

3. Cinnamon. The smell, the taste, the mood it sets.

4. Knitting in the fall is more fun than in the summer. Wool just doesn’t seem as nice when you’re sweating and the little fibers stick to your hands. Yuck.

5. School. Am I crazy for loving it? I crave the steady routine, the daily affirmation of small accomplishments, and the new school supplies!

2 thoughts on “What was that?!

  1. your lists conjure up such wonderful images of beauty of these two lovely seasons….I love this one “dirty toes, touseled hair, lightening bugs”…its like a line of poetry!

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