Blessed Sunday

Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week.  When I was a kid, we began the day with church, and then we headed to Grandma Sunny’s house for a BIG dinner with all the relatives.  Sort of like a weekly Thanksgiving!  Sundays are quieter now, but we still begin with worship.  Before I hop in the shower to get ready for church, I’m excited to share my favorite beach picture. 

One thought on “Blessed Sunday

  1. Shelley

    CUTE! And oh how I miss those Sunday dinners at Grams! I almost think of it every Sunday. We really had good times there, didn’t we. Remember you and Kristy would come up to my room and I’d do your hair…I still have pictures.

    And play board games…play cards…go for walks..ride bikes…I would do anything just to hear Gram’s laugh again.

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