Getting big…

Such a weekend. In the community of parents that I frequent and admire (the gentle, conscious, attentive parents I’ve met through La Leche League and other connections), we often talk about being aware of and sensitive to the stressors of new situations. We talk about the big milestones and the care that needs to be taken with our children as we navigate these new territories. After our recent series of BIG days here in my home, this momma needs a little bit of gentle care. On Friday, my first-born turned five. Five is BIG. And tonight…my baby is sleeping in his own BIG boy bed. My heart is swelling with the pleasure of my boys’ growth, their progress, their independence, but I’m beginning to understand why I always caught my mom crying at every school performance or church play. Now I get it.

(I’ll be back soon with pictures of our BIG weekend.)

3 thoughts on “Getting big…

  1. Annemarie

    My heart knows that same ache. Beautiful words, and you’ve spoken such truth about the passing of time with these little people we love so dearly.

  2. Shelley

    I remember crying at yours and Kristy’s plays, dance, and singing recitals. So, of course…I am even worse with my kids. What joy…what pride I have with my boys. geez, now I cry just thinking about my Anthony going to college in a year 1/2. YIKES! MY BABY!

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