So many projects!

Hi, friends.

Oh no!  Too many great projects.  Have you ever done the same?  I have fabric cut and pressed for curtains and throw pillows in the boys’ room.  I have a growing collection of fabric pieces for duvet covers for the bunk beds.  I have fabric, handles, batting, and buttons for a laptop case.  I’m working on two knitted gifts that have a fast-approaching deadline.  I’m finishing up some cards for Warm as Pie designs and personal use.  I have materials cut and gathered for some pretty pins that will go on sale at the Grand Opening.  So much to do.

2 thoughts on “So many projects!

  1. Shelley

    GOSH! We are so much alike it is scary! lol
    But you are so much more smarter than me. And you’re better behaved than me…lol

    Love you sweets! I’m SO proud of you.


  2. Judy Johnson

    Erica, I didn’t make a comment in time for your giveaway but that doesn’t matter. I have visited your blog from time to time and I just love it. I am so impressed at how organized you are. I never got that way when my children were young but the desire is still there to become moreso. I love your crafty ideas and hope to continue doing more and more myself. Love the site, Hugs, Judy

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