New Things

All summer I was making plans for Warm as Pie designs, and I had so much fun looking for new kinds of crafts to try.  I love trying new ways of being crafty, and I’m totally loving all that I’m learning about using felt.  I can’t wait to get everything settled so that you can browse all the goodies that I have planned for you.  And guess what…you, my faithful blog readers, are going to get to meet my mom!  She is doing so much beautiful work for Warm as Pie designs.  I can’t wait to introduce you to the person who introduced me to the fun of crayons and all the crafty goodness that has made me addicted to making stuff since childhood.  For now…I’m off to bed.

2 thoughts on “New Things

  1. Shelley

    So happy for you! It’s really neat you and your mom going into biz with each other. I’m jealous!

    I know many good things are coming your way! Everything you do is blessed. I love you!


  2. Thanks, Shelley! So far, Mom has done all the creative stuff, and I’ve been doing the techy stuff. I’m hoping to make some cards this weekend. Thanks for your love and support 🙂

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