Silent Sunday: (#1)

…An Exercise in Gratitude…

In the spirit of Soulemama’s {this moment} and The Magic Onion’s “Silent Saturday,”  I am instituting a “Silent Sunday” practice.  Each Sunday, I will select a photograph that captures a moment, a place, a person, or an object for which I am grateful–no explaining, no poetics. 

As a kid (and still today), I loved the movie The Trouble with Angels with Hayley Mills.  I’ve always had an affectionate curiosity toward nuns, so this movie truly captivated me…and made me laugh.  The nuns observed “Silent Sunday,” and I loved the idea of prayerful quiet.

So for my first entry…

Blessings to you!

4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: (#1)

  1. What a wonderful idea. I love it. Beautiful pictures too. You always remind me of what I’m missing but not stopping to just breath and enjoy the moment. Bless you, just for being you.

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