Busy in the Kitchen

Now that the panicked pace of September has settled into a decidedly calmer rhythm in October, I finally stopped skittering like a stress-out mouse and made time for some of the things I love most with the two little fellows I love best.  Enjoy a visit to my kitchen.

Oh, look!  It’s me.  My five-year-old took this picture and the noodles above.

Supper was a warm, wonderful combination of this Veggie-Chicken Noodle Soup from Light Cooking and the Whole Grain Bread from The Joy of Cooking.

2 thoughts on “Busy in the Kitchen

  1. Shelley

    AWW how sweet! Your boy has become quite the photographer. I am really impressed! And, of course, I love the picture of you…pretty, pretty!

    Thanks for sharing part of your world~

  2. Kristy

    Sounds yummy and I love your sunny, yellow kitchen. I miss cooking. Now that school has started, I haven’t done any real cooking. 😦

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