Looking back at a little party

So…my family is really into the Steelers.  You know…the professional football team…the team with SIX Super Bowl wins.  Those Steelers.

A few months ago, my sweet mother-in-law suggested that we put together a little baby shower for my sister-in-law who is nurturing a third son, expected to be born in early December.  My mom-in-law thought that if we disguised the shower as a Steeler party we might be able to surprised sis-in-law and the men-folk wouldn’t feel weird being at a baby shower.  (I know that in many circles co-ed baby showers are trendy and “normal,” but our guys didn’t get the memo.)

So last Sunday, we all gathered in our Steeler gear with gifts and decorations carefully hidden away.  As half-time approached, we scurried around hanging decorations, pulling out the cake (made by Cory’s aunt), sitting the presents in view, and giggling about the surprise to come.  Finally, everyone came to the kitchen for food, and the mom-to-be was truly surprised to find more than meatball sandwiches and taco dip!  We had the screened-in porch completely decked out for a Steeler baby shower.  I’m wondering if this was the first of it’s kind!

I can’t seem to get the cake picture to load.  Bummer!  I’ll keep working on that. 

I hate that I missed “Silent Sunday” yesterday…already.  It was a busy Sunday with church and our monthly Scrapbook Fellowship.  I didn’t get a chance to be online until bedtime.

2 thoughts on “Looking back at a little party

  1. Amy Proper

    I think the Steelers theme was a GREAT idea!
    Funny…I checked back at my “co-ed” shower pictures and yup, your Dad skipped it! LOL!

  2. Hi, Amy! Yep…I think my mom went to your shower with Grandma Kitty. At our Steeler shower, the guys practically ran back to the game as soon as the surprise was over!

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