Oh What Fun!

Yes, it was a good Thanksgiving weekend.  Despite dealing with some mild illnesses and adding many miles on the Jeep, this weekend was a fun mixture of yummy flavors and aromas, good times with loved ones, a football game, some crafting, and the beginnings of a Christmas season.

So let me tell you about the football game!  My hubby, approaching 33 years old, played football in full gear, with full contact on Friday night.  The evening was positively frigid.  We very necessarily had to pull out the major winter gear.  To my dismay, much of our winter garb got moldy in our horrible basement that is a perpetual thorn in my side.  (I promise, if I had a nice laundry room, I would stay on top of the laundry.  Truly, I would.)  We managed to piece together a toasty ensemble for every family member, and after a little bit of shopping and visiting with my mom and my sister, we headed to the game.  We loved watching Daddy in uniform under the big, stadium lights.  Even though the lop-sided score did not fall in our favor, we all enjoyed ourselves.  No one got frostbite, and our boys saw Daddy in a whole new way.  As we entered the football field, our 2 year old said, “Steelers, Daddy.”  Our five-year-old–in his wise-old-man voice–announced, “Very impressive!”  Too funny.

The game brought very sore muscles and a swollen face (helmets hurt and help!) but thankfully, no broken bones.

2 thoughts on “Oh What Fun!

  1. Judy Weimer

    Oh wish we would have known, would have loved to go and cheer on Cory!! I think I heard the Ravens scout was at the game checking him out!! (A little Alex humor)

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