Getting Christmasy

I need to get this online place moving again. I have some fun photographs waiting to be shared. I have some sweet tales to tell. So when, oh when will that happen? We had illnesses last week. We had a wonderful Christmas performance at the school on Friday and the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree on Saturday. This week, our nephew was born! Last night was Bible Study. Today, I baked a yummy orange, poppy seed bread from the December/January issue of Country Living magazine. The bread was for a wonderful brunch hosted by a mom from my son’s kindergarten class. Her home is beautiful, and the food was delightful. Makes me want to have some friends over! Tomorrow is rehearsal for the church Christmas pagaent and my last day of class for the term. Friday is the Christmas pagaent, and finally, on Saturday we will travel to meet the new nephew.

All of this is to say that the blog is on my mind, but coordinating time, motivation, and the location of my camera has been difficult. Like now, I have a bit of time (Boys are happily drawing “BeeBee Jesus” and the Abominable Snowman.), but my camera is in the backseat of the Jeep, not-so-conveniently parked at the university. Hmm… Will I ever get my act together and retire the autumn leaves in my header????

One thought on “Getting Christmasy

  1. Shelley

    oh sweetie, you make me smile. Seems you and I are always busy bees! Except this year, it’s different reasons. 🙂 Take a breath and experience everything. Just stop, inhale, look around and exhale slowly…smiling at the whole thought of how God works, blesses, and IS. You are truly blessed, and I know you know that. 😉 I love you and your fam! Can’t wait to see you all again…most likely March. Have an awesome beautiful Christmas. God Bless!
    Love, Shel

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