A Little Surprise for You

Even though, I never really know who is reading my blog, I think of my “readers” as very real people.  When I go through my day, enjoying moments with my children, my husband, and this community that we love, I think about the images and stories that might please my blog friends. I’ve been relishing a little morsel of news that I could hardly wait to share with you.  I realize that the majority of my “readers” are family members, and so the news I am about to share isn’t really a surprise at all.

I love Christmas.  I wish that my profession allowed me to spend more time in the joyful preparations, but with grades always due in late December, I have to squish as much Advent fun as I can in the few days before Christmas.  As I’ve been helping the boys make some gifts for loved ones, buying presents, and cleaning up the house for a certain polar visitor, I’ve been thinking how different next Christmas will be.  Yes, we’ll have a sweet SIX year old who is showing his growing independence in wonderful and exciting ways.  We’ll have a dear THREE year old who is becoming a better communicator and whose little spirit is beginning to grasp the wonder and glory of the real Christmas story.  And…we’ll all be enjoying the company of our littlest family member…a new baby!  By Christmas time, our bundle will be nearly six months old, but I know that we will be celebrating with a special kind of joy as we once again have the honor of celebrating someone’s FIRST Christmas.

12 thoughts on “A Little Surprise for You

  1. Annemarie

    Congratulations to you and your family. What a wonderful story to live into, especially at a season celebrating the arrival of a baby. Blessings on your house this Christmas. Thanks for sharing this sweet news with all of us. Annemarie

    1. Thanks for stopping by! A pregnancy during Christmas does feel extra special. I keep thinking about Mary and all the things that she must have felt and wondered. Happy 2011!

  2. Mary Ann G

    Congratulations Erica! I am so happy for you and your sweet family. Looks like 2011 will be an exciting year for you!

    (By the way, I love reading your blog).

  3. Judy

    Eventhough I already knew the “news”, your story made it so special that I got a little “misty” I am so happy for all of you and I am happy you all are part of mine and my son’s life.

  4. Amy Proper

    Congratulations Erica! I too knew…and am glad I didn’t “out” you on here – Aunt Kitty spilled the beans when Mom shared the news of Michelle with her! LOL!
    I hope you have a wonderful new year!

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