“Handmade Holiday” Part Three

Ah!  Something I actually made.  Months and months ago, my mom-in-law asked if I could make her a roll brim winter hat like I made for my older son last fall.  I was so pleased that she asked!  Her favorite colors are hunter green and purple, and I loved this 100% wool from Cascade.  I used the free “Knit Roll Brim Hat” pattern from www.redheart.com, although I did change the top slightly.  The finished product coordinates with the scarf I made a few years ago (before I knew that stockinette stitch rolls up no matter how much you block it).  And guess what!  I actually finished it before gift-giving-time on Christmas Eve.

4 thoughts on ““Handmade Holiday” Part Three

  1. Shelley

    ummm, whenever you have a spare moment…HA HA HA HA HA HA…I would love one! hee hee hee! (I’m kidding…you are SOOOO busy!)

    Love you!!!

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