Handmade Holiday #5 (I think!)

As I said several posts ago, I wanted to give handmade gifts this Christmas even if I didn’t do the making.  Well, I am so excited that dear Ol’ St. Nick held up his end of the bargain.  Santa enlisted the talent and imagination of a fine knitter from The Paws Button.  Two of the sweetest little friends came to join our family on Christmas morning.  The pup’s name is Winston, and the bear is Francisco.

Francisco arrived wearing a wonderful blue cape–a delight to our often cape-wearing 5 year old.  Of course, little brother wanted a cape for his puppy, so on Christmas morning I cut a puppy-sized cape from wool felt.  Now, Winston is better known as “Super Puppy” in our home.  Our 2 year old especially loves these fellows.

I love to support artists and crafters.  It makes me feel great to know that people really can devote themselves to making beautiful things and be rewarded financially and personally, whether or not they are “professionals.”  I’ve become a frequent visitor to Art Asana.  Eliza, the blog’s author, is really living her dreams in both art and yoga, and I admire her talent and dedication SO much.  I don’t do yoga, but I love Eliza’s reflections on the body and living without fear.  She is a real find!  So when I was trying to think of a Christmas gift for my niece Stephanie, the Art Asana shop came to mind.  I wish I had taken a snapshot of the print before wrapping it for Stephanie, but the piece that I chose is a brightly colored mixed-media creation featuring a beautiful tree and the word “Trust.”  The print seemed perfect for a young woman’s apartment as she bravely works her way toward finding her own path in the world.  “Trust” is a confidence word.  Trust is about having faith and leaning into it.  How different would our daily lives be if–filled with faith and trust–we just let go and waited for God to come in and meet us right we surrender?  Would we take greater risks?  Be willing to give our dreams a real test run instead of just daydreaming about them?  Hey…maybe I need to get the picture back from Stephanie!  Haha…I know I need that message myself 🙂

So…thank you to Eliza and “The Paws Button” for bringing the magic of handmade goodness to my family.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday #5 (I think!)

  1. wow! I am so warmed and grateful for all the nice things you’ve said about my art and writing…I love your thoughtful pondering about trust, it is so true and beautifully put! (and yes, go test-run your dreams!) my teacher has a beautiful saying that goes ‘what you want most for yourself, the universe wants for you also’. I love that! It’s permission, it’s support for those dreams and it’s a huge gateway for trust!

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