Feeling pensive…

Doesn’t this painting make you think spring?  The boys and I practiced the wet-on-wet technique during a little painting time on Monday.  We were totally oblivious to the fact that our spring-like mood was about to be interrupted by Tuesday’s snow day.  Yes, we woke up to eight inches of fluffy white snow.  Total surprise!  Probably doesn’t sound remarkable in late February, but I was already knee-deep in Spring Fever.  Last week was gorgeous.  We had two days over 60 degrees and so much sunshine that I started to actually believe that spring was on its way.  We pulled out light jackets!  I wiped down our outdoor furniture and swept up old, brown leaves that had found their way beneath the ivy, around the stairs, and in the flower bed.  The boys beautified everything with sidewalk chalk.  Now, every nook is white.

I’m craving sunshine and walks in the park far more than I crave the proverbial pickles and ice cream (never did understand that particular myth!).  I can’t wait to pick up our kindergartener from school and surprise him with a picnic lunch at the nearby playground.  I’m ready to pull out our spring books.  As much as I love reading Sledding by Elizabeth Winthrop, I’m really ready for Curious George Plants a Tree.

I’m not usually one to rush time.  I love all four seasons, but this winter feels different for our family.  I am so eager to get to the fun of planning for our new baby and all the changes ahead, and it’s hard to do that when the semester is in full swing and winter blahs are hitting hard.  I’ve been deep in thought lately about baby names, potted tomato plants, and most of all, organizing.  I have trouble (as I’ve referenced in earlier posts) keeping a tidy home with two kids, a husband, and a low-maintenance labrador.  Obviously, I have to do things differently if I’m going to maintain any form of organization with all of the above plus one small, helpless lovebug.  I feel confident that if I can clear out clutter and establish a simple routine, I can be a semi-organized mom of three.  But all that organizing, cleaning, and planning feels more fun if I can take a break on my front porch with a glass of decaf iced tea.

One thought on “Feeling pensive…

  1. tee hee:)
    I feel you on this one..
    I have totally broken out the spring books and songs..my mom thinks I’m nuts that I am already giddy about easter time…but how could you not with something as glorious as SPRING!!!!
    that’s a great watercolor, btw:)

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