Spring Break begins!

Today is the first day of Spring Break. I have high hopes for this break. I’m feeling motivated and excited! So here are my plans:

1. Take an “unplugged” vacation. I’m limiting my online time to blogging and my one daily check of my “necessary” e-mail account. I’m going to check my work e-mail ONCE in the middle of the week. (All my students are on break, so I know I won’t be hearing much from them!) I’ll probably poke my head into my favorite mommy messageboard at least once because I just can’t resist!  No facebook, random surfing, casual e-mailing, or even (gulp) blog reading.

2. Take a whole-house inventory of household repairs/projects to complete before baby comes. I even bought a yellow legal pad for the occasion.

3. Declutter all of the “public” areas of our home. That means I am ignoring closets, cabinets, the attic, and the basement..for now.

4. Clean all windows, inside and out.

5. Buy new curtains, shower curtain, and small rug for the bathroom.  Replace broken tiles in the bathroom.

6. Finish sewing curtains for the boys’ room and make one SECRET little project for a special someone!

7. Blog daily. I did a Spring Break series last year, and it was fun to write and fun to look back upon from time to time.

8. Clean out the car!!!!

I think these goals are completely possible. Here I go!

6 thoughts on “Spring Break begins!

  1. Shelley

    I know this may sound scary…but GOSH you sound so much like me. I’m jealous though, spring break is not until the 21st here. 🙂 Love you!

  2. I love your spring break goals! I want to copy them…but I don’t know if I can stop checking email multiple times each day. I’m all about stopping the work email checks, though. But cleaning the outside of the windows? That intimidates me!

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