Spring Break: Weekend and Monday

Our Spring Break began with a celebration.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how I love a celebration.  My dad’s birthday was on Saturday, and Mom made a scrumptious dinner (Just think parmasan and rosemary mashed potatoes.  Oh my!).  She made a wonderful coconut cake.  (The cupcake picture was taken at my dog’s 10th birthday, not my dad’s birthday.  I told you I like to celebrate.)

We spent most of the day with Mom and Dad and my grandma.  It was a nice relaxing day.  We tried to see the baby chicks and ducks at the local farm supply store, but they sold out.  We definitely want to try again soon.  Did you know that chicks are transported by U.S. Mail?  I was surprised–although now I’m remembering a scene from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver in which Kingsolver’s daughter goes to the post office to pick up her new peeping babies.  I think I’m remembering it correctly.

On Sunday, we received a fresh coating of snow–about two inches.  First, we had rain, then slush, then hail, then snow all day long.  We lost our power.  Fortunately, we had power and heat in just a few hours.  Those hours took place while we were at Sunday School and church, so we barely noticed.  Our internet continued to be out until this morning, making the first couple of days of my “internet fast” pretty easy.

Today, I did my prenatal yoga DVD.  Go me!  Of course, finishing the full 1 hour DVD was impossible with a two year old in very close proximity.  I made it through about half.  Even that felt good.  After kindergarten, the boys and I went to the library with our brown bag lunch.  We enjoyed our PB & J, cheese cubes, and orange juice.  We checked out a movie, some music CDs, and a lot of books.  We really loaded up!  I was thrilled to choose some spring themed children’s books, a sewing book, and a knitting book.  Yay for Spring Break treats!

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