Spring Break: The Final Weekend

Wow. That week flew. Of course, I did not accomplish all of my spring break goals. But you know what? I do not feel discouraged. I do not feel like a failure because I accomplished a lot! And when I make a list of goals, I always set them high. Always. Higher than I expect to reach. Some people would call that setting yourself up for failure, but not me. Makes me excited!

Goal #1:  I sort of took an “unplugged” vacation. I didn’t do as well as I planned, but I cut WAY back on internet time. I stayed away from Facebook (until yesterday evening) except to privately message two friends. I checked a couple of my favorite blogs a few times, but I did no commenting on blogs. I didn’t browse aimlessly, and I didn’t check my e-mail compulsively…although I wanted to!

Goal #2: I did take a “project inventory” of the house. I want Hubby to jot down a few notes, but I feel great about my list.

Goal #3: I decluttered in all of the public areas of the house EXCEPT the master bedroom.  Why is that room so hard for me?  Even though I did declutter in all of our living spaces, the project is certainly not complete.  I guess I’ll be decluttering forever.

Goal #4: Who was I kidding?  I did not clean the windows inside and out.  I have a pretty good excuse though.  We had terrible weather.  It rained, and we had measurable snow fall on two occasions.  I did clean the insides of all the downstairs windows, and I plan to clean the insides of the upstairs windows tomorrow.

Goal #5:  I bought new items for our bathroom (yay!), but the tiles did not get replaced.  This week!

Goal #6:  No.  Sadly, no sewing happened.  The curtains will have to wait.

Goal #7:  I did not blog daily but really close.  I have a complete Spring Break series that I can feel good about.

Goal #8: I did not finish cleaning out the car, but I made a good effort at a real start.  On Thursday, I arrived early to the kindergarten pick-up line, so I filled a shopping bag with trash.  Embarrassing but exciting!

So that is the spring break recap.  I did not stretch out on a white, sandy beach.  I did not go to a spa.  I did not pound the pavement of Disney World (but I did daydream about it).  Instead, I accomplished a few small things that made me feel great about my home and my own productivity.  The house looks nice, and a clean house makes me feel enthusiastic about the spring decorating that I have planned for the week.  We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day next weekend, but of course, there will be some green fun on the 17th.  I have lots of things that I am looking forward to sharing right here at Warm As Pie.  Thanks for coming by!

(The picture is from last year.  We aren’t quite to the sprouting stage yet, but it’s coming oh-so-close.)

4 thoughts on “Spring Break: The Final Weekend

  1. Kristy

    It sounds like you had a productive week to me! By the way, do you know what those purple flowers are called? We have some at our house and I was wondering. 🙂

      1. I think Amy is right, Kristy. They pop up in our yard every year. It was nice to have some “automatic” flowers since I DO NOT have a green thumb!

  2. I think you accomplished a lot – not to mention that you fed, dressed and managed kiddos, which I’m forever reminding myself is an accomplishment in itself :o)

    What is it with the master bedroom. I spent the better part of my day working on ours today. I keep telling Jonah that we should work on keeping his room more tidy… but then I look at our room, oh dear!

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