Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Busy day today.  This morning, our son’s school held a Pastors’ Breakfast to honor the pastors in our community.  I agreed to bring a breakfast casserole.  Hot.  At 8 am.  I’m happy to help, and I love that they are having this event.  I’m even happier because our beloved pastor agreed to come.  We’re all excited.  But…having a hot casserole, myself, and a five-year-old ready to be at school by 8 o’clock in the morning was not easy.  Mission Accomplished.

The next stop was my place of employment.  I teach a Tuesday/Thursday section of a writing course at a nearby university.  I’m there now–looking over drafts, planning for class, and blogging.  Don’t tell! 

After I take off my academic hat, I will return home where my mom is visiting the kiddos.  We’re planning a much needed trip to the park with a possible icy treat.  Yum.  I am not-so-patiently anticipating that part of my day.

Finally, we will lug our weary selves (maybe I’m the only one who will be tired) to our church where we will be celebrating the final day of Youth Club with a Parents Night dinner.  The kids will perform songs and a poem (that’s my class!), and we will enjoy a pot luck meal.  Oh, that’s right…I’m responsible for taking a “veggie” to the dinner.  I opted for a broccoli and rice dish that I love.  Thank goodness much of it can be made ahead.

So that’s what St. Patrick’s Day looks like for me.  And you know what…I’m pleased.  I’m content.  Each step of the day puts me in contact with people I love, activities I enjoy, and a sense of accomplishment that I can never achieve on a lazy day at home.  Today is filled with blessings.

This is one of the "centerpieces" that I designed for the Parents Night dinner. Last week, each child made one, but I whipped up a few extras yesterday...just in case.

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