A Shiny, Happy Weekend

Our weekends fill up fast.  Often, they get filled with things that we would rather not being doing!  This was not one of the those weekends.  We were busy but happily so.  Saturday brought the annual Easter Bunny Breakfast at our church.  It is always a fun, cheery, well-attended event, and the committee does a wonderful job of blending the fun tradition of the Easter Bunny and all the springtime symbols with the story of Jesus and his resurrection.  I loved watching my growing boys really get into the middle of the festivities.  Our little one truly isn’t a baby anymore.  He was eager to take part in the games, the bunny hop, and of course, the Easter egg hunt.  (A little too eager…for several heart-stopping minutes, I thought I had lost him!)

Saturday afternoon was a bit cloudy but warm enough to feel like spring.  I spent a delightful two hours alone browsing a little maternity boutique that is going out of business and the local library.  Afterward, I returned home to take my boys to the park.  Jackets were in order, but compared to the hats and coats of the last few months, jackets felt like nothing more than feathers lifting us toward brighter skies and other-worldly adventures.  Ah, spring!

Sunday was so, SO warm.  I even heard my hubby complain a bit…how dare he?  Our dog rested under a tree, and the boys happily switched into short-sleeved shirts.  We did a little digging in the yard, some raking, and plenty of daydreaming about the tiny garden we’ll plant and all the fun we will have when summer vacation truly arrives.  Aside from enjoying our postage stamp of a backyard, we also went to church, helped with the youth group’s annual Mall Crawl, and celebrated with an ice cream treat.

My heart feels full just thinking of the special weekend we had.  We were together–as a family and as a church family.  I set aside the worries that crop up about job searches, a broken drier, a messy house, and little  boy mischief.  I just enjoyed my guys in the present.  That’s not something I’m always very good at doing, but for one shiny, happy weekend, I succeeded.

3 thoughts on “A Shiny, Happy Weekend

  1. Oooo, two hours alone? How wonderful! I love the Easter Jello jigglers – My kids have been asking for Jello – you’ve inspired me!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ll be checking back to yours as well!

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