Thinking about Grandparents…

I’ve been thinking about grandparents a lot lately. Several reasons.
1) My hubby is applying for teaching jobs all over the U.S., and I have to acknowledge that distance between us and our boys’ precious grandparents is a very real possibility. I think about this a lot, and yet, I try hard to be positive and open to God’s call. That’s hard.
2) The grandma in one of the dearest families I know passed away yesterday. My heart is breaking for this wonderful family. I know they are shocked and hurting right now as the death was completely unexpected. I lost my maternal grandfather suddenly when I was in college, and although he left this world in the way that we all hope for ourselves–peacefully in his sleep–the stunning news of his passing was almost too much to withstand. The loss of “Grandma Helen” yesterday has put me in a prayerful and pensive mood. How blessed any of is to have had a grandma or grandpa to love and to give love in return.

…and 3) Today was “Grandparents Day” at our older son’s school. The little one and I attended in the company of both grandmas. The whole event was just delightful. The program was sweet. The elementary choir sang. The kindergarten, first grade, and second grade each sang a song, and then they combined to sing a song together. Our boy actually moved his lips! And he was clearly enjoying the motions to each song. He even drew some giggles from the audience when he gave his music teacher a big thumbs up! We also got an amazing sneak peek of the spring musical. Afterward, we headed to the kindergarten classroom for a look around. Our proud kindergartener loved seeing his grandmas and showing them around. I felt a rush of joy at knowing how special my grandparents were to me and watching my children develop treasured relationships with their Grandmas and Papas. Now, if we could just figure out a job situation…nearby…soon.

8 thoughts on “Thinking about Grandparents…

  1. kathy g

    That was a beautiful post Eric. Love you. We will be so sad if you guys have to move far away simply cause we love seeing you all! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do for your family….We are praying for all of you! See ya Easter.

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