Happy Mothers’ Day

The great conundrum:  How do you write “Mothers/Mother’s/Mothers'” Day?  Of course, this question goes for the days when we celebrate Fathers and Veterans and probably a few that I can’t think of right now, too.  A true concensus doesn’t seem to exist.  I have consulted a variety of reliable and reputable sources, but even those resources don’t agree.  So I’ve made my own decision.  I choose the plural possessive: Mothers’ Day.  I have concluded that this is a day belonging to all mothers.  A plural noun having possession over a thing needs an “s”- apostrophe.

Okay…that’s enough of a grammar lesson for today…

Happy Mothers’ Day, blog readers!  I love Mothers’ Day.  I love the sweet, messy crafts from little ones, the funny breakfast in bed, and the general sense that motherhood is being celebrated.  It feels like an extra birthday.  And just like I have a renewed sense of objective and commitment on my birthday, I feel that same sense on Mothers’ Day.  I think of my birthday and Mothers’ Day in the same way that I think about New Year’s Day.  I love the feeling of starting fresh, of making the next year better.  I don’t believe in waiting for a special day to show my mom how I feel about her, but Mothers’ Day offers another occasion for showing my mom, my grandma, and my mom-in-law how we appreciate them.  This year, I shared photographs with all three of these extra special ladies in little albums. 

My Mothers’ Day has been sweet.  I had toast and tea in bed (much of which my toddler ate).  My amazing husband gave me the prettiest blouse and two maternity t-shirts and slacks.  So cute!  And from my boys (with help from Daddy), I received a dainty silver bracelet with three little hearts…one for each child.  After breakfast, we dressed for the day, enjoyed our Sunday School time, and attended church.  Later, we met my mom and dad for lunch at Chili’s (one of my favorites).  Then, we parted ways, and my little foursome headed to the library where my husband graciously gave me a few minutes to browse on my own.  It is a beautiful sunny day, and I think we will end it with a big walk at the park.  Maybe we’ll even bring the dog.

How did you fill this Mothers’ Day?

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