I have always been shy.  Very introverted.  And yet, I do love people.  I love to really connect with people in great conversations.  I love to share my own stories and hear the stories of others.  I am energized by meaningful encounters with semi-strangers and even more so, by reconnecting with longtime friends.  So what does that mean?  I still feel shy.  I still feel very anxious (*very*) about any social gathering.  [Embarrassing confession] I replay conversations in my head for hours, certain that I sounded like an idiot or committed some unpardonable faux pas.  Mostly, I agonize about unintentionally hurting someone with my words.  On the flip side, I love teaching and leading.  I even enjoy public speaking (gasp!).  I guess people are complex, and I’m one of them.

Recently, I’ve had several visits with friends that really lifted my spirits and “filled my cup.”  On April 30, three scrapbooking friends came over to look through the new Creative Memories catalog.  I know it was “business,” but I enjoy being a hostess, and I really love spending time with these ladies, no matter the occasion.  I served the (above) lemon cake with red raspberries, a bacon & cheese quiche, and fruit salad.

On Tuesday evening, a fellow kindergarten mom hosted a time of fellowship and prayer in her home.  I had such a nice time.  We had yummy chocolate fondue, and we just talked and talked.  I felt so good having a chance to talk about my little man, our job situation, and the upcoming arrival of our third child.  I left feeling refreshed and motivated.  

Finally, I invite you to visit one of my blog friends, Emily from Watkins Every Flavor Beans.   Emily has graciously featured my Lenten Tree in her ongoing conversation about children & prayer.  I’m honored.  Emily is a wonderful blogger.  She’s crafty, smart, and such an inspiration as a mother and a teacher (of her own kiddos).  I recently added her to my list of links.

2 thoughts on “Friends…

  1. Thanks for the link and encouraging words.

    Now what I really want is to come eat those raspberries and lemon cake and talk scrapbooking – fun!

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