Scenes from our Saturday

We have a quiet weekend ahead, and I am grateful.  This week was a busy and challenging one.  My sweet hubby was away from us for two nights as he traveled for his career.  Believe it or not, I have not been apart from my husband for more than one night over almost 10 years of marriage.  The little boys and I managed, but what a celebration when Daddy returned!

We are having a truly lazy Saturday morning while Daddy attends the men’s group at church.  I don’t know what the afternoon has in store for us, but I’m glad that nothing is planned.  Our older son is dealing with pink eye, and we’re just waiting for symptoms to show up in the little man.  We’re resting, taking eye drops, reading, watching a DVD, and enjoying some old fashioned oatmeal with jam and honey stirred in.   (The pediatrician assured us that 24 hours of the drops would mean that the pink eye is no longer contagious, so we’re still on for the Sunday School program.)

I’m doing some cleaning.  Just making up for a week that was out of our routine and left this ‘n that scattered around the house.  I gathered my Mothers’ Day cards and displayed all the love I received this week.

What does your weekend look like?

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