30 Day Challenge (and a look at some baby gifts)

June 1st began the 30 Day Challenge set up by Jessica at a wonderful blog called The Macs.  I have pointed you to Jessica and her sweet family a couple of times before.  While this blog can be heartbreaking, it is also a great encouragement and an inspiration in my faith journey.  The 30 Day Challenge is a commitment to begin each day (June 1 – 30) in prayer and Bible study with the hope of beginning an intentional, meaningful connection with God that will bless each day.  For me, taking this challenge was about inviting the kind of reciprocal relationship with God that I’ve always wanted.  I want to worship Him, not just ask for things.  And I want to listen.  To quiet myself and just connect.

So I’ve decided that my “time” will be first thing in the morning.  (Please sleep in, little boys!)  But knowing the mornings don’t always go as planned, I am going to snatch any moment I can.  I realize that the “snatch method” isn’t really what the challenge is about, but I refuse to be a perfectionist about this.  My perfectionism has ruined too many genuine attempts at good things.  I will be working through the Proverbs and journaling about the verses that resonate with me.  I will be praying for the other people taking the challenge, my husband, and my children during these 30 days.  I’m excited!!  Anyone want to join me?  It’s not too late!  I encourage you to check out Jessica’s blog.  Leave a comment here if you are ready to spend some daily time in study and prayer this month.


Baby Stuff!!

Some sweet blankets, sleepers, mits, and a hat from my wonderful in-laws.

Aunt Patty didn’t hide her “blue” guess!  Ha Ha!  I share her guess, so I’m sure we will get lots of use out of these soft outfits.

Much needed towels and washcloths from my parents.  Mom also painted three darling little pictures.  I can’t wait to show you photographs soon.

My sister made this cute, cute bib.  I love the fabric SO much.

Can you believe this blanket???  I know my sister put much love and care into this soft, sweet blanket for Baby.

One thought on “30 Day Challenge (and a look at some baby gifts)

  1. Grace

    I want to join you Erica, I saw Jessica’s post a few days ago, and thought it was a great idea but then forgot about it. I am going to make an effort to spend some time in the mornings as well, but love your “snatch” idea as my mornings rarely go the way I want them to 🙂

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