We’re Moving!

Well, ladies and gentlemen (don’t know if any gentlemen actually read my blog).  We are getting ready for a big move.  Big.  Move. 

Even though this is a really rough time to be moving (hot weather and a baby due in just 3 weeks), this announcement is a cause to celebrate.  My dedicated, hard-working hubby has been offered a teaching job at a small, liberal arts college, and we are delighted that God has blessed us with this opportunity–an opportunity that we have waited for and prayed for during many years of graduate school and two years on the job market.  We are not making a move across town, or even across our state.  We will be moving about 17 hours away from our family, so while we are rejoicing for the job and the financial security that it offers, we can’t help having mixed feelings about the changes that are ahead.  I am a mix of happy anticipation and sadness.  The prospect of a fresh start is exhilarating!  The thought of leaving behind family, friends, our son’s school, and our church is heartbreaking.  

So…things are going to look a bit different here at Warm as Pie.  The blog might be slow-moving for awhile, but I have no intentions of quitting!  In fact, I have a feeling that my blog will take on a new level of life and meaning when it becomes an important part of how I show relatives and friends the day-to-day growth and fun of our little family.  I have two primary goals for this time of transition: 1) to provide stability and comfort for my boys, and 2) to maintain and forge even stronger bonds with the people we love.  Warm as Pie will be a signficant tool in the second goal.

We plan to move around the beginning of August.  We are making baby preparations and trying to pack while not missing out on the joys of summer.  This will be a summer I certainly will never forget!

3 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. Oh my goodness, what great news! Congratulations to you! When we moved to the house we are living in now, I was six months pregnant and moving away from family, just a state away – not too far. But we absolutely love it here – our community, school system, new church.

    Best wishes to you and your family!

  2. Best wishes as you move. Our most recent move (just across town) was big enough during pregnancy, so many wishes for grace and peace in this time. Can I ask where you are headed? I’m trying to think of schools in that time range… I’m hoping it is 17 hours by car and not by air? Then again it takes 24 hours typically to fly from Pittsburgh to Edinburgh, so 17 by air would be closer than here.

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