Good morning, Monday!

We had a beautiful weekend.  The weather was fantastic.  Not too hot, just a couple little showers.  We got to see family, enjoy good food, take part in our library’s “Family Extravaganza,” and celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit in our Sunday worship service.  So fun!

But now we must get back to work.  So, SO much to do.  My head is spinning.  Our previous moves happened before the boys came along.  We moved into our first apartment after our honeymoon.  (We actually went straight from our honeymoon location in Maine to our Massachusetts apartment, and my parents met us there with much of our stuff and our dog.)  After three years of graduate school and two successful Masters Degrees, we moved to our current location.  We had aquired a bit more stuff by then, but still…we were moving from a tiny third-floor apartment to a whole house complete with a (yucky) basement and a small attic.  This time we will be moving seven years of stuff (craft materials, baby gear, and school stuff make  up a lot of the accumulation) over many miles.  To say I am overwhelmed would be a major understatement.  When I am overwhelmed, I procrastinate.  Anyone else like that? 

Goals for the week: 

:: Clean and pack our bedroom.

:: Gather children’s toys and clothing for donation. 

:: Finish the porch. (Hubby is stripping and repainting it.)

:: Make vet appointment

So…Good morning, Monday!  May this be the beginning of a very productive week.

3 thoughts on “Good morning, Monday!

  1. Lorrie Curley

    It will all get done, Erica. Hang in there and keep making to do lists! We’ve moved many times and every time accumulated stuff (kids included!). Great thing about moving is it gives you the opportunity to go through everything before you move it. Go Erica!

  2. i totally procrastinate when I’m overwhelmed! i find all sorts of things to do, like baking or insanely complex meals to prepare…anything to avoid the overwhelming work.

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