I promise…

I promise…
:: to not allow the weeks before our baby arrives to be filled only with packing, cleaning, and making lists.
:: to take my family on “mystery trips” to great places like the zoo…this summer and forever.
:: to really engage with my boys, forcing myself out of the daydreaming/worrying cycle that will take over if I think only of moving.
:: to laugh with my husband at the ridiculous and amusing pictures that people post on real estate sites. Do they really think that deer heads wearing Santa hats will sell their property? I’m not kidding!
:: to go blueberry picking with my mother-in-law even if I have a tiny baby strapped to my chest.
:: to celebrate who I am spiritually, emotionally, and even physically (check out this awesome post at The Sleepytime Gal.)

3 thoughts on “I promise…

  1. kathy g

    Very inspiring Erica, I wish I could make promises to myself like that and keep them but I am not as strong as you are ! I love my life and a,ll my boys but sometimes I dont feel like I have done enough or good enough,……….I also wish we could help you pack and move…..LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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