Hello, Summer!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Summer has never been my favorite season, but it does have much to love.  We’ve already dug into some of our favorite summer things:   the baby pool, the BIG pool at Grandma & Papa’s house, watermelon, walks, tricycles, sidewalk chalk, peach pie, corn on the cob, picnics, trips to the playground, and Italian ice.  This week is our church’s Vacation Bible School, and it is always a big highlight of our summer.  This is the first year that I sent my little one.  He is a member of the 3 year old class (He’ll be 3 next month), and my heart did a little jump when I saw him filing into the sanctuary with his class.  He looked so grown up and proud of himself.

I wish I could say that I’ve made remarkable progress on packing, but no, I can’t fib on the blog.  We’ve had a lot of fun though!  We’ve enjoyed the celebrations of my birthday (hello, #32), Fathers’ Day, and the high school graduation of our niece, Deanna.  We met a college friend for lunch, attended a family reunion, dabbled in all of the fun listed above, and daydreamed a lot about the future.  I can’t complain.

The positively glorious orange cake that my amazing hubby made for my birthday. It is drizzled with an orange butter glaze. Ahhh...

4 thoughts on “Hello, Summer!

  1. Oh my goodness, you’ve done so much this summer already! My kids haven’t even gotten out of school yet – your list of summer activities has gotten me very excited! That cake looks divine! I make a lemonade cake which looks similar – I’ve got to make it soon!

  2. Our son’s school let out on June 2nd, and my husband and I have been out of school since late April. We feel like summer is well underway, but I’m thankful that it is actually just the beginning. Enjoy the season!

  3. Judy

    Hey Erica had a great time “working” with you yesterday!! Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. That Orange cake looks amazing, I would love to have the recipe for it and also the Lemon cake you made when we were at your house for scrapbooking (its picture is in the your blog also, I see a trend!!!)

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